Rhys Evans is a family owned business steeped in over 100 years of history. Rhys Evans, a renowned farmer in the district, established a strong foundation for the diversified agri-business which his son, Anthony Rhys Evans developed when he took over from his father in the early 1970’s. Both astute businessmen, they used their successful farming operations to assist with upliftment of the local community. Rhys Evans was the first farmer in the district to provide his employees with brick houses, access to warm water and electricity.

He also encouraged and financed educational initiatives for his staff and their families, supporting them in obtaining the knowledge to further their skills. Anthony Rhys Evans continued this legacy of supporting employees in further education, was involved in assisting his employees in obtaining housing in Rammulotsi and was a highly respected man within the local community. The company continues to be led by the Evans family who contribute their skills and expertise to furthering the business interests.

Rhys Evans
Anthony Rhys Evans

Generational sustainability of our business has ensured that we create employment opportunities for local people and strives towards the continued upliftment of the community.

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